Terminal Connectors

Terminal connectors rarely use blackening treatment. This is mainly because blackening treatment is mainly used to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and decorative properties of metals, but for terminalContinue Reading

electrical contacts battery contacts

Battery contact is mainly used in industrial applications for battery connections and power connections to related electronic devices. They are key components that ensure stable electrical connections between batteries andContinue Reading


The common materials of springs mainly include the following: Spring steel: This is an alloy steel specifically used to make springs, which has good elastic and fatigue strength, and isContinue Reading

electrical contacts battery contacts

The choice of material for battery contacts, which is a critical part of the connection between the battery and external devices, is crucial. These contacts need to have good electricalContinue Reading

Wire Forms

Square Wire Forming Spring Manufacturer Square shaped wire spring, also known as rectangular spring, is a spring made from square or rectangular cross-sectional wire. Compared with common circular wire springs,Continue Reading

Fourslide Multislide

Fourslide Multi Slides Stamping is an advanced metal stamping process that uses multi-station stamping machines for stamping and forming metal parts. This process can simultaneously complete multiple metal stamping andContinue Reading

electrical contacts battery contacts

Battery contact also known as contact shrapnel, battery spring contact, etc., is an important part of the battery, which is used to connect the positive and negative poles of theContinue Reading