Metal Compression Spring Battery Contact Manufacturer

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Metal Compression Spring Battery Contact Manufacturer


Battery contact also known as battery connecting plate, battery connection contact plate, battery spring contact, etc., is an important part of the battery, mainly playing the role of on-current.

Battery contact is generally made of copper, iron, stainless steel and other materials, and has been electroplated with CT, silver, nickel, etc. to improve its conductivity and corrosion resistance. Depending on the application and performance requirements, the material and shape of the shrapnel will also vary.

In metal stamping parts, battery contact shrapnel is a commonly used product, which is widely used in various batteries, electronic equipment, auto parts and other fields. Its excellent conductivity, hand feel, abrasion resistance and fatigue strength make it the best choice for consumer electronics components.

There are many types of battery contact shrapnel, depending on their use and performance requirements.