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Steel Clip Wire Form Spring

Steel clip steel wire formed spring is a clamping component made of steel wire, formed through specific processes, and with spring properties. This type of spring is commonly used in various fixtures as the core component of the fixture. With its high strength and toughness, it can firmly hold the workpiece and prevent it from sliding or deformation.

The forming process of steel wire usually includes steps such as wire drawing, cleaning, drying, forming, surface treatment, assembly, quality inspection, and packaging. In the forming process, the steel wire is pressed by the mold and bent into the desired shape, such as clamps, snap springs, etc. In order to enhance the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of steel wire springs, surface treatment processes such as electroplating can also be used.

The application scenarios of steel clip steel wire formed springs are wide, such as automated fixtures on automated production lines, mold fixtures, and other special scenarios. In these applications, spring steel wires can undergo appropriate elastic deformation to ensure that clamping force does not decrease due to workpiece deformation, thereby improving machining accuracy and product quality. In addition, the high strength and toughness of spring steel wire can ensure that the fixture is not easily deformed and damaged during long-term use, thereby improving the service life of the fixture.

Steel Clip Wire Form Spring offers the following features and advantages:

High strength and durability: made of steel, it has excellent strength and abrasion resistance, can withstand large load and frequent use, and has long service life.

Precise forming: the shape and size of the spring can be accurately controlled through the wire forming process to ensure the performance consistency and reliability in use.

Good elastic recovery: it can quickly recover to the original state after stress deformation, provide stable elastic force and ensure the clamping effect of the steel clamp.

Corrosion Resistance: Suitable surface treatment, such as galvanization or nickel plating, enhances corrosion resistance and adapts to different working environments.

Diversified design: different shapes and structures can be designed according to specific application requirements to meet various special clamping and fixing requirements.

In application:
For example, in office supplies, steel clips used to hold documents or paper often use this spring to provide a long-lasting holding force.
Steel clamp wire forming springs may also be used in industrial production for clamps used to secure parts or assemblies.