Fourslide Battery Contact has a wide range of Four-Slide and Multi-Slide machines as well as our CNC forming machine which can produce a very comprehensive range of custom wire forms and flat strip products.

Fourslide Battery Contact is a quarterly publication covering the manufacture of springs, wire formed parts, wire mesh and rebar products and the materials, tooling, machinery and control systems for making those parts. We are a low cost custom manufacturer of complex metal products using combined CNC Wire Forms, Stamped, Robotic Welded Assembly Solutions including Kitting, Painting, Plating, and Coatings Fourslide Battery Contact Wire Forming Products has been helping firms like yours cut production costs and improve quality through the creative design and production of custom wire forms and stamping. Our history of service and capability is based on the use of the most sophisticated metal forming technology and equipment. We employ a broad, flexible range of manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to produce virtually any wire forms or stamping needed for any application. As we strive to offer the kind of services that our clients are looking for in a constantly changing rapid paced business environment, we have brought together a dedicated hard working staff along with the finest in CNC equipment and dedicated facilities to anticipate you needs:

Capabilities of Wire Forms Wire Forming:
Up to 10mm diameter 
Up to 5mm flat strip 

Materials of Wire Forms Wire Forming:
Wire and flate springs are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including music wire, hard drawn, oil tempered, galvanized wire, stainless steels and phosphor bronze, as well as exotics such as pre plated materials (gold, silver, tin) inconel, chrome vanadium and many others. 

Equipment of Wire Forms Wire Forming:
State of the art CNC wire forming capability as well as four slide in a variety of sizes. 

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Flexible Steel Wire Forms Spring Manufacturer

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Steel Clip Wire Form Spring

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