Fourslide Multi-Slides Stamping is an advanced metal stamping process that uses a multi-station press to stamping and forming metal parts. This process is characterized by high efficiency, high precision and high automation.

Our Engineering Department can assist you from the design stage through prototype to production of your custom metal stamping, progressive metal stamping, medical stamping, automotive metal stamping.

Flat Springs, Spring Clips, Metal Clips, Clamps are another springs that can be manufactured by Four-slide machine or CNC machine. With our Fourslide machine, it could save you tooling cost and material cost. So the bigger quantity the more material cost you will save.

Battery contact electrical contact is a widely used elastic component in the mechanical and electronic industries. Manufacturing material of battery contact should generate high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness, and good heat treatment performance.

Fourslide Battery Contact has a wide range of Four-Slide and Multi-Slide machines as well as our CNC forming machine which can produce a very comprehensive range of custom wire forms and flat strip products.

Compression Springs Extension Springs Torsion Springs, Spiral Spring,  Copper and Brass Tubing