Wrong cases of spring use

1. When used in series, the spring will bend and exceed the length of the guide pin or countersunk hole, resulting in the fracture of the same reason. Moreover, a slight difference in the load of the spring itself results in the fracture of the plane with the weaker load bearing greater compression.
2. If the gap between the spring inner diameter and the guide pin is too small, it will cause the collision wear of the inner diameter, and the abrasion part is the main reason for the spring fracture; on the contrary, if the gap is too large, the spring inner diameter is about – 1.0 mm. And long free length spring (free length / outer diameter greater than 4) please use segment step or guide pin to avoid collision with guide pin when spring body is twisted.
3. If the spring is used horizontally, the guide pin and spring will be worn and broken.
4. If there is no spring guide when using the spring, it is easy to cause the bottom of the spring and the spring body to twist. The high pressure of the twisted area is the main reason for the spring fracture. Therefore, when using the spring type, remember to use the inner diameter guide pin or the outer diameter guide device.
5. Use of more than the maximum compression
The pressure will cause damage. If it is used close to the seal length, the spring line will be gradually closed. In this way, the load curve will be raised with the increase of the spring number, and the high stress will cause the spring to break. Please do not use more than 300000 cycles.
6. If there is a gap, the spring will vibrate up and down, causing the spring to twist. If there is preloading, the spring will be more stable.
7. If the parallelism of the assembly surface is not good, the spring will be twisted, and local high pressure fracture will occur; and if the parallelism is not good, the spring will be twisted and the spring will be broken after more than 300000 cycles. Please improve the parallelism of assembly surface under the condition of no more than 300000 reuse.
8. When the spring is used, the spring is twisted by force, resulting in the inner ring spring inserted into the outer ring (or the outer ring inserted into the inner ring), resulting in fracture.
9. If the clearance head between the counterbore and the spring is too small, the force will be concentrated and broken due to the friction between the outer side of the countersunk hole and the spring compression. Please use the shape of countersunk hole when free long spring.
10. The length of guide pin and the depth of counterbore are short
If the guide pin is too short, the head of the guide pin and the spring will be worn and broken. The ideal length of the guide pin is set to be more than 1 / 2 of the spring length, and the chamfer of C3 should be inverted.