Wire twisting machine

Main application of wire twisting machine:
The torsion testing machine is mainly used to measure the plastic deformation ability of metal wire with diameter of 0.1-1 mm in one direction or two directions. The surface defects of wire rod can be displayed during the test. The testing machine consists of manual loading, high-precision torque sensor detecting torque, photoelectric encoder detecting angle, and digital display of test results. It is mainly applicable to the Mechanical Laboratory of relevant scientific research departments, colleges and universities and industrial and mining enterprises to measure the torsional properties of materials; it is very suitable for on-line inspection of wire rod production units and incoming inspection of wire rod using units

The main technical parameters of wire torsion testing machine are as follows
Maximum diameter of sample of wire torsion tester (mm): 1 – ¢ 3 ¢ 0.1 – ¢ 1
Sample length (mm): 100-300, 50-200
Sample tension (n): 2-350 0.2-30
Sample speed (R / min): 60, 90, 120
60, 120, 180,300
Counting mode: digital display, digital display
Motor power (kw): 0.250.25
External dimension (length × width × height mm)
877 × 350 × 1082
Net weight: 200kg (floor type)
Power supply voltage (V): 380 wire twisting machine