Why should metal shrapnel be continuously electroplated

Why should metal shrapnel be continuously electroplated
The metal shrapnel electroplating process has been widely used in the products of metal springs. The pins, presses, screws and other parts must be solved by the electroplating process before considering their special functions and service life. The electroplating process refers to the whole process of using electrolysis to accumulate metal materials or aluminum alloys on the surface of steel parts under the effect of alternating current to produce a uniform, high-density, and excellent metal surface. So what is the purpose of the metal shrapnel plating process?
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1. Beautiful (such as continuous gold plating, continuous silver plating, continuous nickel plating, etc.) The metal after electroplating usually has a brighter appearance than the material.
2. Corrosion prevention (such as continuous nickel plating, continuous chromium plating, continuous zinc plating, etc.) Usually raw materials such as copper, iron, etc. are easily oxidized in the air, and a layer of metal with strong oxidation resistance can improve its corrosion resistance. .
3. Strong electroplating adhesion (such as continuous copper plating) For metals with poor adhesion, a copper base is usually used to enhance adhesion before electroplating.
4. Enhanced conductivity (such as continuous gold plating, electroplated pearl nickel). The conductivity of raw materials such as iron and phosphor copper is usually below 20%. Connectors with low impedance requirements cannot meet the requirements, so high conductivity such as gold plating on the surface Metal can reduce its impedance.
5. Improve solderability (such as continuous tin plating, continuous gold plating, etc.). Because the raw materials have poor adhesion to tin, the surface can be plated with a certain thickness of tin and other substances to improve the solderability of the parts.
Summary: The function of continuous electroplating of metal shrapnel is to play a beautiful appearance and improve the performance of adding workpieces.