What should be paid attention to when making aluminum alloy stamping parts in stamping factory

Aluminum alloy stamping parts refer to the metal stamping parts made of aluminum alloy. There are many kinds of aluminum alloy materials and specifications. Different aluminum alloy materials have different performance and use.
Aluminum alloy stamping parts have good plasticity. Because pure aluminum is very soft, not strong, has good ductility, can be drawn into thin wire and rolled into foil, with good machinability, so it is widely used in wire and cable manufacturing industry, radio industry and packaging industry. The properties of some metals can be greatly improved by adding a small amount of aluminum. If a small amount of magnesium and copper are added into the aluminum alloy stamping parts, the tough aluminum alloy stamping parts can be made.


What should be paid attention to when making aluminum alloy stamping parts in stamping factory
In addition, it is more easy to scratch the aluminum alloy and iron alloy in the following aspects
1. If the number of projects is not affected, the punching should be arranged in the back engineering as far as possible. Even for the products with a large number of punching holes, one more project can be considered, and the punching should be arranged at the back.
2. The aluminum material is soft and the mold is easy to block. Therefore, 10% of the thickness of the double side material should be placed when designing the die clearance. The straight depth of the knife edge should be 2mm, and the taper should be 0.8-1 °.
3. During bending, aluminum scraps are easy to be produced during bending, which will cause spot damage and indentation. PE film should be pasted on aluminum raw materials. In case of roller and electroplating, polishing and hard chromium plating is preferred for forming blocks.
4. For the stamping parts to be processed after anode, if there are pressing and pushing processes of 180 ° and the products can not be fully pressed, and the complete pressing will produce acid spitting phenomenon. A gap of 0.2-0.3 mm should be left to facilitate the acid liquid to flow out smoothly and timely. Therefore, a limit block must be made and the mold must be calibrated higher than the mold.
5. As the aluminum material is brittle and easy to crack, especially in the case of reverse folding, try not to do the pressing line. Even if it is necessary to do it, it is necessary to make the line wider and shallower.