What is the spring national standard

State the spring national standard:

China’s spring standardization work began in the early 1960s and has been more than 40 years old. A relatively complete standard system has been formed. Currently, there are 22 spring national standards and 30 industry standards. In 1999, the National Quality Supervision Administration approved the establishment of the country Spring Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC235), spring standardization work has been fully promoted. In 2004, ISO/TC 227 (spring) was established internationally, and China participated in the work as a member, which marked that China’s spring standardization work has entered a new stage , That is; comprehensive tracking and substantial participation in the work phase.

GB/T 1239.2-1989 Cold rolled cylindrical spiral compression spring technical conditions

GB/T 1239.3-1989 Cold rolled cylindrical spiral torsion spring technical conditions

GB/T 1239.4-1989 Technical requirements for hot-rolled cylindrical spiral spring

GB/T 1239.6-1989 Cylindrical spiral spring design calculation

GB/T 1973.1-1989 small cylindrical spiral spring technical conditions

GB/T 1973.2-1989 Small cylindrical spiral tension spring Dimensions and parameters

GB/T 1973.3-1989 small cylindrical spiral compression spring dimensions and parameters

GB/T 2087-2001 Cylindrical spiral stretch bullet size and parameters (half-circle hook and loop type)

GB/T 2088-1997 Cylindrical spiral stretch bullet (round hook and ring pressure center type) dimensions and parameters

GB/T 2089-1994 cylindrical spiral compression spring (the two ends are grounded flat or forged flat) size and parameters

GB/T 4142-2001 Cylindrical spiral stretch bullet size and parameters (round hook and loop type)

GB/T 2785-1988 Technical requirements for internal combustion engine valve springs

GB/T 2940-1982 Technical requirements for fuel injection pumps, governors and injector springs for diesel engines

GB/T 4036-1983 watch spring

GB/T 4037-1983 watch hairspring

GB/T 1972-2005 Disc spring

GB/T 10867-1989 spring shock absorber

GB/T 13828-1992 multi-strand cylindrical coil spring

GB/T 9296-1988 floor spring

GB/T 1805-2001 spring term

GB/T 1358-1993 cylindrical spiral spring size series

JB/T 6655-1993 high temperature resistant spring technical conditions

JB/T 10416-2004 helical spring for automobile suspension technical conditions

JB/T 10417-2004 Motorcycle shock absorber spring technical conditions

JB/T 10418-2004 Gas spring design calculation

JB/T 6653-1993 flat steel wire cylindrical spiral compression spring

JB/T 6654-1993 plane scroll spring technical conditions

JB/T 7366-1994 Plane scroll spring design calculation

JB/T 8584-1997 rubber-metal spiral composite spring

JB/T 9129-2000 60Si2Mn steel spiral spring metallographic inspection

JB/T 9127-2000 Cylindrical spiral spring shot peening technical specifications

JB/T 3338.1-1993 hydraulic parts cylindrical spiral compression spring technical conditions

JB/T 3338.2-1993 hydraulic cylinder spiral compression spring design calculation

JB/T 8046.1-1996 compressed gas spring

JB/T 8046.2-1996 lockable gas spring

JB/T 7367.1-2000 Cylindrical spiral compression spring ultrasonic flaw detection method

JB/T 7757.1-1995 Cylindrical spiral spring for mechanical seal

JB/T 7283-1994 Technical requirements for leaf springs for agricultural machinery

JB/T 50022-1994 Agricultural machinery leaf spring product quality classification

JB/T 3383-1983 Test method for automobile leaf spring bench

JB/T 3782-1984 Metallographic Inspection Standard for Automobile Leaf Springs

JB/T 539-1984 Automotive leaf spring pin and lug technical conditions

ZB T 06001-1988 Specification for shot peening of automobile leaf spring

QCn29035-1991 Technical requirements for automobile leaf springs

QC/T 29103-1992 Quality grading regulations for automobile leaf springs

JB/T 53394-2000 Disc spring product quality classification

JB/T 3396-2000 Cylindrical spiral compression spring for hydraulic parts Product quality classification

JB/T 58700-2000 Spring Product Quality Classification General Rules

JB/T 58701-2000 Small cylindrical coil spring Product quality classification

JB/T 58702-2000 Cylindrical spiral spring Product quality classification

JB/T 7944-2000 Cylindrical spiral spring sampling inspection