What is the method of stainless steel golden process

The method of stainless steel golden process:
Stainless steel products are golden: the surface of stainless steel is treated in chromic acid and sulfate solution to give a golden appearance. The process is as follows:

Chromic anhydride 250g/L

Sulfuric acid 490g/L

Temperature 70℃

Time 18min

The ratio and temperature of chromic acid and sulfuric acid in the above-mentioned solution can be adjusted according to the required color. Generally, 15min can be treated for blue; 18min can be golden; 20min can be purple; 22min can be green. The color brightness of the obtained stainless steel colored film is related to the pretreatment, and the mechanical polishing effect is generally better. The coloring treatment time and temperature can be adjusted according to the specific situation. If the solution temperature cannot be increased, the treatment time can be extended to achieve the same effect.