What does the battery spring have?

What are the effects of battery springs?

The battery spring changes under the action of external force, and after removing the external force, the spring can recover. Many tools and equipment are reset by the nature of springs. For example, many building doors are mounted on the close pages of the front slots with a reset spring when people come in and out, and the doors are automatically reset. People also use this function to make automatic umbrella, automatic pencil and other supplies, very convenient. In addition, a variety of buttons and buttons are also indispensable to the return spring.

Battery spring spring function:

A spring is an elastic element that works by producing a large elastic deformation on its own. It is widely used in all kinds of machines. Its main functions are:

1) Control the movement of machinery, such as the spring in the internal combustion engine to control the opening and closing of the cylinder valve, the control spring in the clutch.

2) absorb vibration and shock energy, such as vibration-absorbing springs in various vehicles and springs of various buffers;

3) Store and release energy, such as clock springs, gun bolt springs, etc.

4) Measure the size of force, such as spring scales and springs in force gauges, etc.