What are the uses of metal stamping parts

What are the uses of metal stamping parts
Metal stamping parts refer to steel / non-ferrous metal and other sheet dies, which are formed to the specified shape by the pressure required for processing by the press. What are the hardware stamping parts according to the application fields? The following small series will give you a brief introduction.
1. Stamping enterprises in automobile industry. For example, wheel hub and gear are mainly deep drawing. In China, they are mainly concentrated in automobile factories, tractor factories, aircraft manufacturers and other large factories, and independent large-scale stamping and drawing plants are rare.
2. Home industry stamping enterprises. Such as aluminum window, mainly forming by punching and shearing. Many of the enterprises in this department are in the standard parts factory, and there are also some independent stamping plants, most of which are small factories.
3. Electrical industry stamping enterprises. Such as rice cooker, washing machine and other components. This kind of factory is a new industry, which develops with the development of electrical appliances. The factories in this sector are mainly concentrated in the south.
4. Household stamping enterprises. Some handicrafts, such as tableware and so on, these factories also have great development in recent years.
5. Mobile phone industry stamping enterprises. For example, card slot, fixing frame, etc. These factories were established after the development of household appliances in China, and most of them are distributed in household appliance enterprises.
6. Special stamping enterprises. For example, the stamping of aviation parts belongs to this kind of enterprise, but these process factories are also included in some large factories.