Various spring terms

Serial number / Chinese name / English name / relevant explanation
09.0820 spring is an elastic element which makes use of the elastic and structural characteristics of materials to keep the specified relationship between deformation and load;
09.0821 helical spring: spiral spring;
09.0822 cylindrical spiral spring, cylindrical spiral spring;
09.0823 cylindrical helical compression spring: cylindrical helical compression spring under compression force;
09.0824 cylindrical spiral tension spring the cylindrical spiral spring with tensile force;
09.0825 cylindrical helical torsion spring; cylindrical helical torsion spring;
09.0826 variable pitch cylindrical helical spring with unequal pitch;
09.0827 multi strand spiral spring the cylindrical coil spring is made by twisting multiple strands of steel wire into steel cable;
09.0828 middle convex spiral spring the coil diameter decreases to both ends;
09.0829 medium concave spiral spring hourglass shaped spring the coil diameter increases to both ends;
09.0830 tightly coiled helical spring is a kind of spiral spring which is pressed along the axial direction of the spring during cold rolling forming;
09.0831 truncated cone spiral spring;
09.0832 truncated cone scroll spring is made of truncated cone spiral spring made of material;
09.0833 plane scroll spring spiral spring in one plane
09.0834 Belleville spring has a disc-shaped spring outline;
09.0835 disc shaped spring the combination spring is composed of multiple disc springs, or a combination of several groups of disc springs;
09.0836 ring spring is composed of a number of three elastic rings with inner and outer conical surfaces;
09.0837 leaf spring a spring made of single or multiple plates (spring plate);
09.0838 spring hoop buckle fastening the metal hoop of spring plate;
09.0839 semi elliptic leaf spring with bow shaped outline;
09.0840 constant stiffness semi elliptic spring with constant stiffness;
09.0841 variable rate semi elliptic spring with variable rate semi elliptic spring;
09.0842 the full elliptic spring has elliptical outline;
09.0843 constant rate full elastic spring
09.0844 variable rate full elliptic spring the elliptical plate spring with variable stiffness changes during operation;
09.0845 the cantilever leaf spring is a cantilever leaf spring;
09.0846 combined spring a combination of multiple or multiple springs;
09.0847 torsion bar spring;
09.0848 serpentine spring is a serpentine spring;
09.0849 wire spring a spring of special shape made of wire (or wire);
09.0850 flat spring various sheet springs made of strip or plate;
09.0851 rubber spring rubber spring is a kind of spring which has the function of buffering and damping;
09.0852 compression type rubber spring;
09.0853 shear type rubber spring;
09.0854 torsion type rubber spring;
09.0855 combined type rubber spring is composed of several simple rubber components;
09.0856 laminated rubber spring a rubber spring made of several rubber pads laminated with metal diaphragms
09.0857 sleeve shape rubber spring the rubber spring is composed of rubber sleeve and inner and outer steel sleeve;
09.0858 rubber stop is a rubber element which can limit the movement of the body and act as a buffer;
09.0859 air spring the air spring is filled with compressed air in a retractable closed container