Use and performance of screws and floor springs

1. Screw
1. Wood screws

2. Special performance nails

(1) Product series ABC class-high-speed screwing in wood screws

Fine category——–Special nails for narrow plates

Adjustment type——Special nails for grid shed

Type C———Special nails for Polaroid board

GA——-mini wood screws

Type B————Special wall nails

(2) Product features

A. Extra-deep cross groove or square groove is convenient for screwing in electric tools, which can double the work efficiency.

B. Scraping ribs under the head to scrape out countersinks for easy head burying.

C. The rod is knurled for reaming, with serrated threads for quick screwing.

D. The burr reaming blade makes the wood less easy to crack and screw in more easily.

E, Special adjustments use left-hand thread to adjust the gap, easy and free.

F. Special deep hole screws with decorative plastic cover, fast decoration construction and beautiful appearance.

G. Imported steel material is used, after carburizing heat treatment, it has high strength, large torsion force and stronger connection.

(3) Classification:

Micro wood screw with screwdriver 1.9—-refers to screw thickness 2.5—–refers to length, the price per box

From the perspective of sales, Class B is not widely used. Small-sized ABC is widely used, has a large sales volume, moderate price, and high quality.

1. Various floor nails

(1) Floor nails are made of galvanized iron.

The specifications are 50mm 2″ retail price 6.80 yuan per kilogram; 65mm-2/2″ retail price 6.24 yuan per kilogram.

It can use 4-5m per kilogram.

(2) Pallet nails, made of galvanized iron, with a specification of 90mm3/2, the retail price is 7 yuan per kilogram.

It is used for floor grille mixed with Meigu nail (floor grille expansion nail), it can be used per kilogram, and the use is 3-4m. Meigu nail floor grille expansion nails, special for percussion interior decoration.

Specifications: 10X98 50 capsules per pack, retail price 22.70 yuan. The retail price of 50 tablets per pack of 10X78 is 19.50. The retail price of 50 tablets per pack of 8X78 is 14.30. Among them: 10-refers to the expansion thickness, 98-refers to the length of the screw.

The sales of floor grille expansion nails and floor nails are both very good. Last year, the sales of Meigu nails reached 60,000 yuan, an average of about 5,000 yuan per month. Floor nails sold 136,000 last year, ranking first among various decorative nails.

Three, floor spring door closer

A certain percentage of the floor springs in the small hardware can make the door close automatically. Low spring brands are imported and domestically produced. Imported products such as GEZE 480 and 490 floor springs made in Germany. Doma 84 type 75 type floor spring. New star HS222 made in Japan, etc.

Because the price of imported floor springs is relatively high, ranging from 700 yuan to 3,000 yuan, the sales volume is not large. Customers with special needs will still choose it. The CMT crown floor spring sold by Dongfeng Company is the best in the market. Because the sales situation in the market is good and the prices are moderate, it is inevitable that there will be fake and shoddy goods, most of which come from various sources. From appearance = specifications, shape, and even packaging are the same. However, due to poor quality, rough workmanship, and a relatively short service life.