6 advantages of computer spring machines in China

First, the innovation ability of the strongest in the country.
Cam-free spring machine in China, the computer is the first, broke the traditional cam drive molding spring model, boldly introduced the first generation, the second generation, the third generation, is now the sixth generation of products cm-10-235 machine, from the original 3 axes, 4 axes, 6 axes, optimized to the current 10 or 12 axes, from the original non-turning line to the current turning line, from a single seat to the current double slide, from the original 2 mm, 4 mm Let customers more satisfied, so, there will also be a small number of voices, said that the computer is not good, such as the strength of the accuracy of stability and so on, it is because 4 years ago, indeed, the technology is not mature, but now, the computer spring machine has been exported to Japan, Korea, has become an internationally competitive spring machine brand, are the result of continuous innovation, at the same time, the industry also has some imitators, they always walk behind the computer, because the core competitiveness of the computer is in technology innovation, is the This is currently difficult for other manufacturers to do.


Second, servo motor shaft stake in the number of.
Computer spring machine is 10 axis or 12 axis, according to customer requirements, 10 axes can also be added to 11 axes, and other models in the country, generally 2 axes, 3 axes, 4 axes, 6 axes, 8 axes vary, the number of machines, his intelligence is quite enhanced, to do spring debugging more convenient, multi-axis is the development trend of spring machinery.


Third, debugging is the most convenient to use.
Convenience is also a kind of value, computer spring machine does not use the row cam, each servo motor is independently controlled by the computer system, each arm can adjust the position at will, basically no possibility of hitting the knife, transfer technician easy to learn to use, this is one of the core selling points of the computer, his arm stroke can be set freely according to product needs, no invalid action, so speed will also be improved, especially suitable for spring varieties of manufacturers.


Fourth, the production of special spring capacity is the strongest.
Computer spring machine because of the characteristics of multi-axis with free hand and translposuction function, decided that he produces special spring and wire productadvantage, because at present many angle more than extra long or spin ratio is very small products, cam spring machine is no way to form at once, computer spring machine can play its robot left and right movement, translline 320 degrees molding, the characteristics of the arm free arrangement, plus appropriate auxiliary tools, you can do the traditional cam machine can not be molded once, he can not be a single form. This is the core advantage of a computer spring machine.


Fifth, the highest frequency of participation in the exhibition.
Computer spring machine belongs to the high technical content of spring equipment, the first time to see people feel very magical, in the exhibition is very attractive to the audience, the computer every year in The domestic Guangzhou, Chongqing, Ningbo, Wuxi, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Shanghai and other places have exhibitions, convenient for friends in the industry to visit to negotiate. Basically, the number of times a year to participate in well-known industry exhibitions reached more than 6 times.


Exports abroad the most.
So far, the export of computer spring machines are: the United States, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Lebanon, India, Venezuela, Poland, and Vietnam, and really become china’s largest exporter of spring machines.