The use and importance of spring testing machine

After the spring is produced, it must undergo strict inspection before it can be put into use. Because springs are mostly the main components used in machinery and vehicles, such as the springs on vehicles, if the springs installed on the vehicle have not undergone rigorous testing, they are casually installed on the vehicle and their performance does not meet the requirements. Serious consequences; another example is the spring used for shock absorption. Because of the decline in performance, the vehicle loses its balance and is likely to cause traffic accidents.
This shows how important the testing of the spring testing machine is. How to use the spring testing machine correctly in the normal production process, we will start from several aspects, so that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the use of the spring testing machine. The following describes the normal operation of the spring testing machine.
The first step is to turn on the power. After turning on the power, watch whether the digital tube display is normal.
The second step is to preheat the machine for 20-30 minutes longer than the preheating time.
The third step is to set the time and date-input the exact year, month and day, and input the corresponding workpiece number to be tested, as well as the tester’s job number.
The fourth step is to set the status by pressing the “#/print” key to see if the testing machine enters the normal testing state. At this time, the test force and displacement are automatically cleared. The upper display shows the displacement display in mm, and the lower display shows the test force display , The unit is N.
The following is the work efficiency test of the spring testing machine. The test is generally divided into single-piece test and batch test.
1. Single piece measurement
1) According to the free length of the test spring, raise the lifting seat 6 to a suitable position (that is, the tested spring can be placed between the two pressure plates or between the upper and lower hooks), and fix it on the column 12 with a small handle.
2) Put the tested spring on the lower pressure plate or hang it between the upper and lower hooks and press the “P clear/1” key to remove the spring’s own weight.
3) Move the operating handle 7 to make the upper pressure plate and the spring just contact, press the “F clear/0” key to make the displacement digital tube all zero.
4) Continue to pull the operating handle 7 to apply force to the tested spring. When the displacement displayed by the displacement digital tube reaches the deformation of the spring, the force value displayed by the force digital tube is the test force value of the tested spring.
2. Batch measurement
1) According to 1), 2) and 3) in the single-piece measurement method, make preparations before measurement.
2) Turn the operating handle 7 to make the force value digital tube display the test force of the tested spring, and then use the limit block 8 to fix it on the shaft rack 9.
3) After the above measurement steps are adjusted, start batch measurement. Put the tested spring on the lower pressure plate or hang on the upper and lower hooks and then pull the handle 7, then the sample can be measured. The displacement display and the test force display respectively show the corresponding Number of