The reason for the gap in the metal spring industry at home and abroad

The formation of the gap between China and developed countries spring industry has a certain historical reason, is formed in the long-term process of the development of spring industry in China. If China’s spring industry wants to be further developed, it is necessary to eliminate the existence of these gaps.

1. Irrational economic system is the root cause of the gap.

Under the planned economic system in the past, the government regulation and control dominated, and the long-established production and marketing model limited the operational vitality and independent development of China’s spring industry, and drew a line for the development of China’s spring industry. Since China’s reform and opening up, the situation has improved, but the long-established industry scattered, chaotic, poor situation still exists, but also to the development of China’s spring industry has brought adverse effects.

2, the backwardness of the level of science and technology is the main reason for the formation of the gap.

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the renewal of the host, the requirements for products are getting higher and higher. Because China’s spring industry has a certain development capacity of the number of scientific research centers, small scale, less investment in scientific research funds, the enterprise’s own research and development capacity is weak, so that the development of new technology, new products can not keep up with the world’s advanced scientific and technological level and market trends.

3, at present, China’s spring industry enterprises are still largely small enterprises, production scale is small, low production concentration, market competition confusion, is also a factor in the formation of the gap. In order to solve this phenomenon, it is necessary to create large-scale enterprises, support and drive the development of the spring industry, but also to formulate relevant industrial policies, important to encourage the development of high-strength, high-precision, high value-added heterosexual spring products, limit the production of ordinary spring products, guide the healthy development of enterprises in the industry, in order to promote the development of the spring industry.

4, the existing domestic production equipment is not complete enough, especially the serious shortage of testing equipment, fundamentally on the current spring production needs, affecting the further expansion of spring production, more affectthe quality of spring products, but also promote the formation of China’s spring industry and foreign workers also developed countries. China’s spring industry should invest more money in production equipment to speed up the upgrading of old equipment to ensure product quality and production needs, narrow the gap with foreign countries.

5, the gap between raw materials itself is also an important reason for the gap between China’s spring products and foreign products.