The pros and cons of spring hula hoop movement

1. It can be used to thin the waist and is also a good helper for leg and arm bodybuilding.
2. Squeeze acupuncture effect: give the abdomen and waist a squeezing effect like massage and acupuncture.
3. Treatment of constipation: often use a spring hula hoop to wrap it around the waist, which can stimulate the intestines, cure constipation, and effectively eliminate the pain caused by constipation.
4. Weight loss: the center force generated by the spring has a motion effect that is 3 times heavier than the actual weight. The massage on the waist by the spring and the large amount of limb exercise when rotating the hula hoop can effectively burn body fat, and achieve fitness while losing weight. Purpose, weight loss and fitness are both correct.
1. The hula hoop is a pure waist exercise with a small amount of exercise. It is not realistic to rely on this exercise to achieve weight loss. Moreover, the part of the hula hoop torsion and swing is just at the junction of the thoracic and lumbar spine, and the spine is excessively twisted or abdominal pressure is sudden When it increases, it may cause a sudden change in the pressure in the spinal canal, causing blood vessels to rupture.
2. The lap fitness must be scientific, otherwise it will be counterproductive. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to exercise time not too long. Generally, it is best for normal adults to exercise continuously for 15-20 minutes; the hula hoop should not be too heavy and the size should not be too large. The weight is about the degree that the index finger and middle finger can load; lumbar muscle strain Those with spine injuries and osteoporosis patients are not suitable for this exercise.