The metal spring is under pressure and torsion

Compression spring is a pressure of the coil spring, it uses a material cross-section is round, but also with a rectangle and multi-stranded steel roll, precision spring is generally equivalent pitch, the shape of the compression spring is: cylindrical, conical, mid-convex and medium concave and a small number of non-circular, compression spring between the ring and the ring a certain gap, when subject to external load spring deformation, storage deformation energy.

A coil-shaped spring made of spring wire wrap. There are more types of coil springs, according to the appearance can be divided into ordinary cylindrical coil spring and variable diameter coil spring, according to the direction of the spiral line can be divided into metal spring and right-spin spring. The cylindrical coil spring is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and most widely used, and its characteristic line is straight, which can be used as a compression spring, stretch spring and torsion alt-spring.

When the load is large and the radial size is limited, two compression springs of different diameters can be used together to form a combined spring. The variable diameter coil spring has a conical coil spring, a snail coil spring, and a mid-concave coil spring. The buffering performance of the cone coil spring is good and can withstand a larger load. The worm coil spring can store more energy and withstand larger loads, but the manufacturing process is more complex. The mid-concave coil spring has a similar performance to a conical coil spring and is used for cushions and mattresses. The carrier surface of the spring wire has a circular and rectangular, etc., with a circular cross-section most commonly used.

A coil spring, a torsional spring, is a spring that withstands a torsional deformation, and its working part is also tightly wound into a spiral. The end structure of the torsion al-spring is a twisting arm that is machined into various shapes, not a hook ring. Twisting springs are often used in the balance mechanism in machinery and are widely used in industrial production such as automobiles, machine tools and electrical appliances.