The main technical features of the constant force spring support hanger


The main technical features and parameters of the constant force spring support hanger.

Load rating: 0.2 to 400kN displacement: 0 to 508mm.

Allow on-site load adjustment: 10%

The load separation difference (including friction) is specified in the whole stroke: the average load of the whole stroke and the design load deviation difference of 6% in the whole stroke: s2%

When locked, it can withstand up to 2 times the maximum operating load.
H-type constant force spring support hanger (referred to as constant crane) is a mechanical device designed according to the principle of torque balance. It can be used to suspend and support pipes and equipment, at which point, when the pipe or equipment is displaced, they can always obtain a constant support force through the constant force spring support, as long as within the pre-selected load displacement, regardless of the change in its displacement. This eliminates new additional pressure on pipes or equipment, thus avoiding significant equipment and safety incidents.

Generally in the important parts of the thermal displacement, should consider the establishment of the constant force spring support hanger, because of the characteristics of the force spring support hanger, so in the ordinary thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, petroleum and chemical and other thermal power devices have been more and more widely used.

The main forms of the hengforce spring support hanger are PH, LH, ZH series.

2, type classification and marking methods:

3.1.Type type of continuous force spring support hanger and its characteristics.