The main reason for spring machine out of control

Most of the spring machines are controlled by AC servos, and the computer on the spring machines is the control system. At that time, there were a variety of controllers that were not produced by manufacturers, and they were controlled by one of two methods: speed control and position control. Regarding the system out of control, that is, the (flying) defect mentioned by the tuning master, it is impossible to appear randomly in the position control upper computer (spring machine computer control device), at that time, it is in the upper position of speed control. The appearance of the aircraft is more random, and it is also more difficult to eliminate defects.

The main analysis below is the reason for the system out of control phenomenon that exists as a speed control host computer:

1, power supply problem;

2, servo motor encoder and echo related circuit problems;

3, there is a problem with the sequence of spring processing;

4, exchange servo control board and related circuit problems;

5. There are problems with various control wires and terminals.