The main purpose and scope of application of electronic tensile testing machine

The main purpose and scope of application of the electronic tensile testing machine: this series of material testing machines are widely used in various small cross-section metal wires, dry mortar, waterproof materials, rubber and plastics, insulation materials, textiles, wires and cables, coatings, non-woven fabrics, and paper Test various physical properties such as stretching, tearing, peeling, elongation, etc. for various materials, as well as mechanical properties of other parts. Comply with GB2611-81 “General Standard for Testing Machines”, “Test Methods for Asphalt Waterproof Rolls” GB/T328-89, “Determination of Tensile Properties of Vulcanized Rubber and Mat Plastic Rubber” GB/T528-1998, “Polyvinyl Chloride Waterproof Rolls” “GB12952-2003, “Petroleum Asphalt Fiberglass Tire Felt” GB/T14686-93 and other national standards.