The basic formula for spring design

The spring diameter d/mm is determined by the strength calculation formula.

Spring diameter D2/mmD2-Cd.

Spring internal diameter D1/mmD1 -D2-d.

Spring outer diameter D/mmD-D2-d.

Spring index C -D2/d General 4 s.C.6.

Spiral angle g/ for the compression spring, it is recommended g to 5 to 9 degrees.

The effective number of laps n is determined by the deformation condition calculation generaln 2.

Total laps n1 compression n1 s n s (2 to 2.5); stretchn n1?n).

n1?n-2(YI.type hot roll); n1 has a tail of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or whole lap, recommended 1/2 lap.

Free height or length H0/mm two ends of the ring grinding n1,n-1.5, H0?np-dLI type H0?(n-1) d-D1.

N1,n-2, H0?np-1.5dLII.type H0?(n-1)d-2D1.

N1?n-2.5, H0?np-2dLVII.type H0?(n-1.5) d-2D1.

Both ends of the ring are not grinding n1,n-2, H0?np-3d.

N1,n-2.5, H0?np?3.5d.

Operating height or length Hn/mmHn-H0-lnHn-H0-ln-ln, ln-deformation.

Pitch p/mm p-d.

Spacing d/mmd?p-dd?0.

The compression spring has a high diameter ratio of bb-H0/D2.

Expand the length L/mmL?pD2n1/cosgL?pD2n-hook-part unwind length.