Technical parameters and application range of compression spring

The pressure spring balanced manual loading and unloading crane tube has the characteristics of flexible operation, light weight, and convenient alignment; the structure adopts the pressure spring balance device, which does not occupy the trestle space, and can maintain balance at any position within the working range, easy manual operation, and reliable sealing It is an ideal operating equipment for the manual loading and unloading of light oil, heavy oil and other chemical liquids for trains and automobile tankers.
   Compression spring technical parameters:
  1、Nominal diameter DN50~DN100
  2, nominal pressure 1.6MPa
  3, horizontal rotation angle 0°~360°
  4, vertical pitch angle -15°~60°
  5. Sealing material: polyurethane rubber, fluorine rubber or silicon rubber
  6. ​​Applicable medium: light oil, heavy oil, lubricating oil and chemical liquid
   Compression spring complete supply range:
  1, crane tube body 2, sealing cover
   3. Liquid level alarm 4. Vapor recovery metal hose
The typical size parameters A, B, C, D, E, F of    crane tube are as shown in the table below, and they can also be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.
  Dimension parameters (mm) ABCDEFQDY fire 005 type submerged loading and unloading crane pipe 37003800600~800
  Shun package 3700~4200 Flip package 5400~6000
  360850~950QDY steam 005 type submerged loading and unloading crane pipe 14002100600
  Shun 2200~2400 flip 3300~3500