Technical background of machine tool steel plate protective cover

The machine tool steel protective cover is a telescopic shield of a machine tool. It has a plurality of covers assembled to be relatively movable inside and outside and can be expanded and contracted by relative movement. It is characterized in that each group of covers adjacent to the inside and the outside is provided with A pair of guide members extending parallel to the expansion and contraction direction are provided on the two side wall portions of the outer cover body, and are provided with the outer cover body extreme part of the side wall of the inner cover body in parallel with the expansion and contraction direction. A pair of guided members that protrude in the direction of the cover body and are slidably engaged with the pair of guide members.
In the conventional machine tool, the saddle and the worktable that are positioned and loaded with the workpiece to be cut are independently driven in the X-axis direction and the Y-axis direction, and the cutting tool mounted on the spindle head supported on the column is used for the workpiece. Carry out cutting. In this kind of machine tool, in order to protect the drive mechanism of the saddle frame and the table from the influence of cutting chips, the upper side of the drive mechanism is covered by a telescopic guard.