Surface treatment technology and precautions of mold spring

Existing molds are the main process equipment for industrial production. The development of modern industrial products and the improvement of technical levels depend largely on the development level of the mold industry. In recent years, the increase in automation has led to the rapid development of foreign molds. And many The manufacturing industry is in a similar situation. Although China is a big country in mold production, it is not a strong country in mold manufacturing. For springs that match the mold, this detail is also the key to achieving quality. The pros and cons of its surface treatment process directly affect the use of the entire mold Performance. To this end, the editor of Huicong Surface Treatment Network has collected and sorted out the information, and I will share it with you briefly here.
  Colorful paint finish
  The surface of the spring is identified by various paint layers, such as yellow paint for light and small loads; blue paint for light loads; red paint for medium loads; coffee paint for extremely heavy loads;
   Performance analysis: A good paint layer to match the surface treatment of the spring can be described as two birds with one stone. The color is used to identify various technical parameters, which is convenient for industrial production and operation, and the anti-corrosion performance of the spring surface can be better guaranteed.
At present, the main manufacturers that successfully use the above methods are mostly abroad, especially in Japan. In China, only a small number of manufacturers have effectively visited. At present, there are mainly some fixed technical requirements, such as the use of imported materials to reach foreign levels, but the whole However, there is obviously a gap in the effect of spring surface treatment.
   Generally, manual painting is used in China, and the appearance will appear sagging, leaking, poor combination, and poor rust resistance. The limitations of its own process cause a large number of products to be stripped and reworked.
Electrophoretic paint is used abroad. In a water-soluble paint tank, the workpiece is used as a cathode, and a certain voltage and time are applied to form a uniform thickness of paint on all surfaces of the spring, which can then be cleaned and dried. Clean and bright, no particles, no bottoming phenomenon, good binding force, not easy to fall off, good hardness of 3-4H, if the British LVH company polyurethane cathodic electrophoretic paint is used, its softness is quite good. The operating environment does not have a strong solvent smell, and the air There is little pollution, and the wastewater treatment and discharge process is simple, just adjust the resin of the PH sedimentation electrophoretic paint, and then discharge the clear water.
  The paint used for the spring paint layer
  A. Asphalt paint Asphalt paint has good water resistance, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance, especially excellent acid resistance and good alkali resistance. However, adhesion, mechanical strength, and decoration are poor.
b. Phenolic paint Phenolic paint is divided into two types: primer and top coat. Phenolic primer has strong adhesion and good anti-rust performance, but the mechanical strength and gloss of the paint film are poor. The phenolic top coat paint film is hard, good gloss, but resistant The climate is poor, and the paint film is easy to turn yellow.
c. Alkyd paint Alkyd paint film is tough, strong adhesion, good mechanical properties, excellent gloss, good durability and certain oil resistance and insulation properties. The disadvantage is that the surface dries quickly and the hand sticks for a long time , Easy to wrinkle, intolerant to water and alkali.
d. Epoxy paint Epoxy paint has strong adhesion, high hardness, good toughness, flex resistance, impact resistance, hard but not brittle, and has excellent resistance to water, acid, alkali and many organic solvents. Especially alkali resistance is more prominent. Its disadvantage is that the surface chalks fast and the solvent selectivity is large. Water-soluble epoxy paint is used for electrophoretic coating.
In general, the paint layer can be used alone or as a colorant after phosphating. Sometimes, some springs are also sprayed with different colors of paint to distinguish them in order to be classified according to the load. Which type and brand to choose The paint should be determined according to the working environment. If necessary, it should be indicated in the spring pattern.
  Spring surface finishing treatment
   In recent years, the surface of the spring has been polished (refined) by the spring designer.