Surface protection technology of spring

The surface protection technology of spring mainly includes: surface antirust in working procedure, blackening (bluing) of finished product, phosphating, antirust oil on paint, electrophoretic paint, electroplating, electrostatic powder spraying, etc. in particular, the last four surface treatment processes have been widely used and developed.
The corrosion resistance of some stainless steel wires and important carbon spring steel wires is equivalent to that of zinc plating. If another layer of znai (5%) alloy is plated, the corrosion resistance can be increased by 3 times.

For stainless steel wire or important carbon spring steel wire with resistance performance requirements, copper can be plated when the diameter of steel wire is less than 0.4mm, copper can be used for steel wire larger than 0.4mm, copper can be used inside and stainless steel is used outside. The conductivity of steel wire can be improved by Ni plating 5 N thick.

Generally speaking, the process of surface hardening to form residual stress (such as shot peening and surface nitriding) can improve the fatigue life strength. At present, non electrolytic Ni plating is being studied. By heating (300 ~ 500) ℃, 7% P can be precipitated as PNI, and the Vickers hardness can be increased by 500hv. After shot peening, if Ni is heated below 300 ℃, the hardness can be increased by 10%.

The new coating technology of dqcromet has many advantages, such as no hydrogen embrittlement, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high carbon permeability, strong adhesion and good environmental protection performance. At present, it has been used, but the quality should be paid attention to.
With the development of the information age, the spring industry has established some related websites, among which 888 spring net has played a certain role in the dissemination of information and communication technology.
Standardization of spring in China

Under the leadership and organization of national spring Standardization Technical Committee, China has completed 52 standards for springs and spring products (table 1-6), and initially formed a system. In addition, there are: rubber metal spiral composite spring, fatigue test program of spring, etc.
Table 1-6 standard name and standard number of spring and spring products in China
Serial number standard code standard name remarks
1 GB / t1239.1-2008 specification for cold rolled cylindrical spiral tension spring
2 GB / t1239.2-2008 specification for cold rolled cylindrical helical compression spring
3 GB / t1239.3-2008 specification for cold rolled cylindrical helical torsion spring
4 GB / t1239.4-2008 specification for hot coil cylindrical coil spring
Technical calculation of cylindrical helical spring
Specification for small cylindrical helical spring
Dimensions and parameters of small cylindrical spiral tension spring
Dimensions and parameters of small cylindrical helical compression spring
9 GB / T 2087-2001 dimensions and parameters of cylindrical spiral tension spring (semicircular hook ring type) are revised and submitted for approval
Cylindrical spiral tensile spring (circular hook and ring compression center type)
Revision of dimensions and parameters, submitted for approval
The dimensions and parameters of cylindrical helical compression spring (both ends tightly ground or forged flat type) have been revised and submitted for approval
12 GB / t4142-2001 dimensions and parameters of cylindrical spiral tensile spring (round hook and ring type) have been revised and submitted for approval
13 JB / t10591-2007 specification for valve springs of internal combustion engines
Specification for mercury injection, governor and injector spring for diesel engines
15 GB / t4036-1983 watch winding
16 GB / t4037-1983 watch hairspring
17 GB / t1972-2005 butterfly spring
Spring shock absorber
19 GB / t13828-1992 multi strand cylindrical coil spring
20 GB / t9296-1988 floor spring
Spring terms (GB / t1805-2001)
22 GB / t1358-1993 cylindrical coil spring dimension series revision, submitted for approval
23 JB / t6655-1993 specification for high temperature resistant spring
24 JB / t10416-2004 technical specification of coil spring for automobile suspension
25 JB / t10417-2004 technical specification for shock absorber spring of motorcycle
Technical calculation of 26 JB / t10418-2004 gas spring
27 JB / t6653-1993 cylindrical helical compression spring with flat steel wire
28 JB / t6654-1993 technical specification for flat scroll spring
29 JB / t7366-1994 technical calculation of planar scroll spring
30 JB / t8584-1997 rubber metal spiral composite spring
Metallographic examination of 31 JB / t9129-2000 60Si2Mn steel coil spring
32 JB / t10802-2008 technical specification for shot peening of spring
33 JB / t3338.1-1993 specification for cylindrical helical compression spring of hydraulic components
34 JB / t3338.2-1993 technical calculation of cylindrical spiral compression spring for hydraulic parts
35 JB / t8046.1-1996 compressed gas spring
36 JB / t8046.2-1996 lockable gas spring
37 JB / t7367.1-2000 ultrasonic testing method for cylindrical spiral compression spring
38 JB / t7757.1-1995 cylindrical spiral spring for mechanical seal
39 JB / t7283-1994 technical conditions for leaf spring of agricultural machinery
40 JB / t5002-1994 agricultural machinery leaf spring product quality classification
41 JB / t3383-1983 bench test method of automobile leaf spring
42 JB / t3782-1984 metallographic inspection standard for automobile leaf spring
43 JB / t539-1984 specification for leaf spring pin and lifting lug of automobile
44 ZB t06001-1988 specification for shot peening of automotive leaf springs
45 QC / n29035-1991 automobile leaf spring technical specification
46 QC / t29103-1992 automobile leaf spring quality grading regulations
47 JB / t53394-2000 butterfly spring product quality classification
Product quality classification of 48 JB / t3396-2000 hydraulic cylinder helical compression spring
49 JB / t58700-2000 general rules for quality grading of spring products
Quality grading of 50 JB / t58701-2000 small cylindrical spiral spring
Product quality classification of 51 JB / t58702-2000 cylindrical coil spring
52 JB / t7944-2000 sampling inspection of cylindrical coil spring