Structure of spring safety valve

The spring safety valve consists of valve disc and valve seat. The valve disc is connected with the valve stem, and the total displacement of the valve stem must meet the requirements of the valve
From closing to full opening, the setting pressure of safety valve is mainly adjusted by changing spring pressure by adjusting bolt.
The upper part of the valve is equipped with a lever mechanism, which is used to lift the valve stem manually during the working test.
The valve body is equipped with upper and lower adjusting rings. Adjusting the lower adjusting ring can make the valve obtain a complete take-off action
The adjusting ring is used to adjust the recoil pressure. The return pressure enables the valve to obtain a complete take-off, and the upper ring is used to adjust
Recoil pressure. If the re seat pressure is too low, the valve will remain open for a long time, and if the re seat pressure is too high, the valve will continue to jump and
Closing causes chatter, causing valve damage and reducing valve discharge. The best position of the upper adjusting ring should be able to
Valve reaches full stroke.