Strength solutions for metal stamping

In the past, in the production of deep drawing or re punching parts, everyone thought that pressure resistant (EP) lubricating oil was the best choice to protect the mold. Sulfur and chlorine EP additives have been mixed into pure oil to improve mold life for a long time. However, with the emergence of new metal high strength steel and strict environmental protection requirements, the value of EP oil-based lubricating oil has decreased or even lost its market.

EP oil-based lubricants lose their properties during the forming of high-strength steel at high temperature, and cannot provide physical mold protection diaphragm in extreme temperature applications. The extreme temperature irmco high solid polymer lubricant can provide necessary protection. With the deformation of metal in the stamping die and the increasing temperature, EP oil-based lubricating oil will become thinner, and in some cases it will reach flash point or burn (smoke).


The consistency of irmco water-based stamping lubricants is generally much lower at the beginning of spraying. As the temperature rises during the forming process, it becomes thicker and stronger. In fact, polymer extreme temperature lubricants are “heat seeking” and stick to the metal, forming a diaphragm that can reduce friction. This protective barrier allows the workpiece to extend without cracking and bonding when the most demanding part is formed, thus controlling friction and metal flow. It can effectively protect the die, prolong the service life of the die and improve the stamping strength.