Steering spring of walking tractor

Common sense of spring use and maintenance steering spring of walking tractor
When installing the steering spring, first identify the left-hand spring or the right-hand spring. The left side should be equipped with a right-hand spring, and the right side should be equipped with a left-hand spring. If the left and right springs are installed wrongly, the steering spring will be subjected to a reverse twisting force when the tractor turns, which will deform the spring, even break the spring, or scrape the inner step of the steering gear. Once the spring is broken and the steering handle is released, the steering gear will lose its thrust and the jaw will not return to its original position, which may lead to serious accidents.


Identification method of left and right rotation spring: hold the spring with left hand, thumb upward, and the other four fingers with the same direction of rotation as the steel wire are left-handed spring; otherwise, it is right-handed spring.
In addition, the insufficient spring force of the steering spring may cause the walking tractor to lose its handling stability. Therefore, the steering spring should be checked regularly. The inspection and adjustment method is the same as that of valve spring, but flat washer of the same thickness should be padded on both sides. Generally, it should be checked and adjusted once every four years.