Steel telescopic guide rail guard

The steel telescopic guide rail guard is the traditional form of protection for machine tools. It plays an effective protective role in preventing chips and other sharp objects from entering. Certain structural measures and suitable scrapers can also effectively reduce the penetration of coolant.
Its characteristics are summarized as: anti-cold, anti-heat, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, smooth operation and no noise.

The number of sections of the steel telescopic guide rail guard is important to its ratio, weight and operating characteristics. Each single section should be as long as possible, so that the number of sections can be reduced and the cost can be reduced. In general, the maximum stretch The minimum compression ratio should be between 3:1 and 5:1. Compared with other materials of machine tool guide rail guards, steel machine tool guards have the following advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of steel machine tool guide guards: high mechanical strength, High tensile strength. Extreme high temperature resistance. When tools or workpieces fall, because there is a protective cover to protect the guide rail, avoiding the possibility of smashing the machine tool guide rail. Disadvantages of the steel machine tool guide rail protection cover: the extension and compression ratio is small, and the cost is relatively small , The steel machine tool protective cover produced is widely used in heavy-duty machine tools such as CNC boring and milling machines, modular machine tools, machining centers, and gantry milling machines.

The steel telescopic guide rail protective cover is equipped with polyurethane or brass sliding block under the running speed of 10m/min. A roller is installed under a medium speed of 30m/min. In addition, a buffer system is required between the drive plate, scraper plate and scraper. The purpose of the slider buffer system is to reduce collisions, noise and friction.