Standard for salt spray test and storage of nickel-plated spring steel wire

Standard for salt spray test and storage of nickel-plated spring steel wire
1. Salt spray test standard of nickel-plated steel wire:

The salt spray test of Yongzhi Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. adopts the ISO3768-1976 (NSS test) neutral salt spray test standard.

1. Test solution: Dissolve chemically pure sodium chloride in distilled or deionized water, the concentration of which is 50±5g/L, the pH of the salt solution is between 6.5-7.2, and the measurement method: precision pH with an accuracy of 0.3 Test paper.

2. Test equipment: Salt spray test chamber, product model: YWX/Q-150. The equipment complies with GB 10587-89.

3. Test conditions:

3.1 The temperature in the spray box is 35±2℃.

3.2 The rate of formation and decline of salt, the mist collector 80cm2, is 1-2ml/h; the concentration of Nacl is 50±10g/L

The PH value is 6.5-7.2.

3.3 The mist liquid passing through the test area is no longer used.

4. Test method:

4.1 It is not necessary to clean before the test. Keep the surface of the steel wire dry and clean. It is not close to the nozzle when placed in the salt spray box, and each specification is made into a spring with an inner diameter 4 times the diameter of the steel wire.

4.2 During the 16 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours of the test, open the box for observation and record the test results. Pause spraying when opening the box (30 minutes).

4.3 The specific operation steps follow the method of using the salt spray tester.

Two: Nickel-plated steel wire storage standard: nickel-plated spring

Store in a dry environment, the higher the temperature, the higher the air drying requirements.