Spring winding technology

Winding method of spring
Using various spring winding machines will produce various quality problems. In addition to effective control and reasonable adjustment of the machine, there are many factors affecting the spring winding, such as the accuracy of material size, the uniformity of material strength (soft and hard), the state of material surface, the precision of the machine, especially the technical level of the operator, etc. In the process of production, inspection must be carried out frequently to find problems in time and correct them at any time.

One end of the mandrel is clamped on the chuck of the lathe, and the other end is pressed by the center. The lathe speed is lowered and the material to be wound is clamped at the core bar’s drilling position. The work efficiency is very high
Quality control of winding spring

The following is a list of common quality problems and troubleshooting methods of ordinary spring winding machine.
① The diameter of the supporting ring increases
This is mainly due to the fact that the helix angle of the supporting ring is smaller than that of the effective coil. On the premise that the feeding length remains unchanged (consistent) and the position of the coil spring ejector does not change, the diameter of the two adjacent coils must have a size, and the diameter of the supporting ring with small helix angle is larger than that of the effective coil with large helix angle.

Solutions: first, design a special variable diameter cam plate, similar to the method of winding the convex spring, so that the diameter of the intermediate ring is slightly larger. When the pitch plate just pushes the pitch, the diameter of the spring supporting ring and the effective ring is basically the same; second, the pitch plate with boss is used to hook the spring coil when winding the spring, which is more suitable for winding the spring with large diameter and large winding ratio.
For the CNC spring winding machine, the diameter of the supporting ring and the effective ring can be controlled by controlling the position of the spring pin sliding seat in sections.