Spring steel pickling technology

1. Process flow of push spring steel pickling unit
Push-type pickling unit process: raw material feeding trolley_steel coil preparation station (five-roll straightening machine_cutting head and all angles)
. Uncoiling-+Yinke guide plate pressure roller_centering side guide roller_five-roll straightening machine_pickling tank_rinsing tank-+drying machine_freeliving
Set_cross-cutting shear_centering three-roller tension device, guide plate, coiler with pressure roller, and unloading trolley.
2. The pickling process characteristics of push spring steel
Push-type spring steel pickling is also called push-pull pickling, which is semi-continuous pickling. The pickling process is that each strip is bitten in sequence by a pinch roller.
Without welding, push forward until coiling. The coils of spring steel strip pass intermittently through the pickling unit to remove oxygen on the surface of the spring steel strip.
For iron sheet, push pickling has the following characteristics:
(1) There are many varieties of pickled spring steel, such as carbon steel, silicon steel, alloy steel, etc.;
(2) Strong adaptability. For example, the thickness of the pickling spring steel strip of the continuous unit generally does not exceed 6.Smm, while in the push pickling unit
Up to 9. Smm, even 12mm;
(3) Multiple narrow strips can be pickled at the same time;
(4) The cost of equipment is low, and expensive welding machines, tension leveling machines and huge cart-type loopers are eliminated.