Spring machinery-CNC equipment

1. GH-CNC428 computer four-axis compression spring machine
Application range: debugging various compression springs, oil seal springs, battery springs, conical springs, double conical springs, safety springs, magazine springs and various simple wire forming.

product manual:

(1) The GH-428 machine is a four-axis computer-type compression spring machine, which is divided into four axes: wire feeding, outer diameter, spacing, and cutter; the four axes can act separately or simultaneously.

(2) The upper and lower sliding blocks adopt two independent motors, which can be used as spacing and cutter axes respectively; the two axes can be interchanged.

(3) The spacing adopts two methods of cam plate direct push, inclined plane spacing knife type and spacing rod push type, and the spacing adjustment is convenient and flexible.

(4) The outer diameter axis is independent, and the outer diameter can be easily adjusted through the setting program.

2.GH-CNC 320 Computerized Disc Torsion Spring Machine

Application range: PC control, servo power, simple mechanical adjustment, multiple motion stations, can make all kinds of torsion springs with complex shapes. The upper control system adopts the domestic top CNC controller.

product manual:

CNC3-320 three-axis computer torsion spring machine can process steel wire with a maximum diameter of φ1.0mm and copper wire with a maximum diameter of φ2.0mm. Special-shaped torsion spring equipment. The minimum accuracy of this machine’s computerized winding is 0.1 degree, and the minimum accuracy of Z-axis up and down movement is 0.5 wire. The Z-axis of the machine moves smoothly and conveniently up and down, and the positioning is accurate. Its advantages are more reflected when winding dense coils. And easy to operate, use the hand wheel, input positioning coordinates, angle, easy to complete the program control. The machine is equipped with ten stations with different forming directions such as inclined up, inclined down, up, down, and horizontal.

3.YLSK-35 computer universal spring machine

Application: mechanical equipment for producing springs

product manual:

Camshaft, thread feeding shaft, rotating mandrel, auxiliary shaft (optional accessory), four shafts can be transported together. The mechanical part has eight sets of sliding seats, cranks and cam shafts. The cam is fixed on the revolving wheel shaft, which can be screwed to adjust the front and back, and is used to push the movement of the sliding seat. There are three ways of mechanical action: extrusion, stamping and forming. Program data is easy to set and change on the keyboard, and debugging is very convenient and quick.