Spring in the selection of processing equipment for attention

Several key equipments are introduced as follows:
1. Online flaw detector: imported equipment is generally used to detect wire defects online, find and mark them immediately, and manually detect them after the coil spring is formed.
2. Coil spring: because it works 24 hours a day for a long time, the spring coiling machine is the key equipment for dimensional accuracy. Generally, CNC four axis computerized spring coiling machine with good quality, good wear resistance and high precision is selected. For the springs with the above technical parameters, the production efficiency is more than 35 pieces / min. afios spring coiler is the preferred configuration, and Taiwan machine and Korean machine are also used, which have low investment cost and quick effect, The accuracy can also be well guaranteed if the working time is fixed.
3. Tempering furnace: the maximum temperature is 500oC, and the tempering temperature can be set arbitrarily according to the needs, and the time of the mesh belt in the heating area can also be arbitrarily set according to the needs, so as to meet the processing requirements of different kinds of spring tempering. The domestic tempering furnace can meet the requirements.
4. Spring end grinder: This equipment is one of the most important equipment in the production line, and it is the key equipment to ensure the accuracy. It is generally imported from British bent company, the United States and Germany. The spring is automatically fed into the feeding plate by the feeding machine for rough grinding and fine grinding respectively. It automatically completes the grinding process and enters the next process.
5. Shot peening machine: the on-line rail through type shot peening machine can meet the requirements of automatic production line. The spring is fed by conveyor belt and shot peened by nozzles in multiple directions to ensure the coverage rate of shot peening ≥ 98%. In order to improve the service life, most parts in the shot peening area are imported high wear-resistant materials.
6. Hot press setting machine: in order to increase the stability of spring and reduce the influence of relaxation and creep on the elastic properties, many valve springs have the process of hot pressing. The spring is sent to the furnace by the conveyor belt and held for a period of time, and then applied a certain force to press the coil. After completion, it is sent to the next process. The heating temperature, time and time are adjustable.
7. Load sorter: at present, the supply requirement of most valve springs is 100% load test and sorting. This equipment is the most important and the only quality inspection and guarantee equipment in the whole automation line. It requires high test precision and stable performance, and can still maintain its test accuracy and correct sorting after 24-hour operation every day. Therefore, it is generally imported (such as Moyer company of the United States and Germany The equipment is responsible for this task. For example, the full-automatic load sorter in the United States can test P1, P2 and P3 at the same time, and sort them according to the test results. At most, it can be sorted in five channels and grouped in the qualified area, which greatly meets the requirements of the international spring market.