Scope of machining and commonly used instruments

Scope of machining
1. Processing of various metal parts;
2. Sheet metal, box, metal structure;
3. Mechanical processing of titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, non-metal, etc.;
4. Design and manufacture of wind tunnel combustion chamber;
5. Design and manufacture of non-standard equipment.
6. Mold design and manufacture.

And common equipment
The machinery required for processing includes digital display milling machine, digital display molding grinder, digital display lathe, electric discharge machine, universal grinding machine, machining center, laser welding, medium wire walking, fast wire walking, slow wire walking, cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine, Precision lathes, etc., can process precision parts such as turning, milling, planing, and grinding. These machines are good at turning, milling, planing, and grinding of precision parts. They can process various irregular shaped parts with a processing accuracy of up to 2 μm. .