Safety operation rules for spring coiling machine

Applicable models: 3P28, Z52-1.6 (A520), Z53-3, 4850A, A522A, A524, Z53-14, A541, A451A, Z56-2.5.
1. Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the “General Operating Regulations for Forging Equipment”.
2. Conscientiously implement the following relevant supplementary regulations:
(1) Before the idling vehicle, the equipment should be manually turned to check whether the actions of the various agencies are coordinated, and after confirming that it is normal, start the equipment test run.
(2) Seriously at work:
, the burrs of the steel material used for cold coiling should be ground off. In the case of pan material, pay attention to the working condition of the pan material rack, and stop the machine immediately if there is any confusion. When the coil is almost finished, the tail should be taken out of the tray.
. The steel used for hot coiling should be heated in accordance with the process regulations. It is forbidden to put unheated or insufficiently heated steel on the equipment for coiling.
, when it is necessary to change speed, it should be carried out after stopping. The shift lever must be moved to the correct position.