Rebound force testing machine for spring detection

When testing springs, some equipment is often used, because springs need to detect many functional details. Here is an introduction to the working state and working range of the spring resilience testing machine.
Spring rebound force testing machine

This machine is a test instrument specially designed for sofa spring frames and spring bags. It can meet the following three test requirements

(1) Durability test

Repeated pressing test can be performed according to the preset pressure conditions, the cycle can be preset, and it will stop automatically when the number is reached.

(2) Detection of the relationship between compression range and pressure

Press down according to the preset stroke and stop in place. Read the spring force of the stroke on the pressure gauge, and display the stroke value on the display.

(3) Detection of spring compression under specific pressure

After the pressure plate is pressed down to the set pressure, it stops, and the compression stroke length of the pressure value is displayed on the display.

(Spring package test)

Note: a) The maximum pressure of the machine = 50 kg, and the maximum pressing stroke is 150 mm.

b) Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.3% FS

c) Stroke accuracy: ±0.2 mm

Power supply: 220 volts, power = 300 watts