Quality control method of heat treatment production process

As we all know, heat treatment is an important part of mechanical manufacturing engineering by changing the material organization to obtain the required performance of mechanical parts or products and to ensure the use of safe and reliable processes. Because the quality characteristics of heat treatment are that the results cannot be fully verified by subsequent inspections and tests, and the negative effects and economic losses caused by quality problems in the heat treatment are very large, in the GB/T19000 series of standards, heat treatment is To be recognized as a “special process”, special measures need to be taken to implement quality control of all employees, comprehensive, and entire process. Due to the differences in heat treatment equipment, personnel quality, parts technical requirements, production guidelines, process technology and production management levels of domestic enterprises, there are also differences in the special measures adopted to control the quality of parts or products, and heat treatment has continuous production. The characteristics of the operation, therefore, it is very important to seek a quality control method in the production process to meet and improve the quality of heat-treated parts, especially mass-produced parts.

2 The main content of the production process quality control method

2.1 Change the ideas and concepts of quality assurance model

In the past, our thoughts and concepts for the quality assurance model and quality management focus of heat-treated parts remained in the tradition of relying solely on final inspection to check, focusing only on quality results, and not focusing on the control of quality formation and eliminating heat treatment defects. In the process of quality formation, there have been parts defects or missed inspections, resulting in a certain quality loss. All kinds of personnel are busy processing the results of the parts every day, the result is that the busier the more chaotic, repetitive and low-level errors occur repeatedly, and the work is abnormally passive. We learned from the pain, calmly summarized and learned the lessons of failure, looked for and explored successful methods, and re-understood and positioned the key tasks of quality management.

Through learning the relevant content of heat treatment standards and learning from the experience of successful heat treatment management enterprises, it is clear that improving the quality of heat treatment must first change the thinking and concepts of various personnel on the quality assurance mode. That is to say, the traditional passive check by the final inspection is transformed into a prevention Mainly, the active control quality assurance model that combines prevention and inspection has established clear responsibilities, standardized management, strict rewards and punishments, and unified professional technology, management technology, and scientific methods, as well as full participation, full process control, and comprehensive management. Three-pronged approach” process quality control management ideas and concepts. The results of several years of implementation show that: