Production capacity of stamping parts processing

Production capacity of stamping parts processing
In the hardware stamping plant, someone once calculated the speed of the punch, and used the punch speed to calculate the production capacity of stamping parts processing. The results are quite different from the previous figures. What causes the low production capacity?
First of all, there are different types of presses and different speeds. There are high-speed presses up to 600 per minute, and pneumatic presses with 30 to 50 strokes per minute. Equipment maintenance is the premise to ensure that in the production of stamping parts processing, the production capacity will not be affected due to machine failure. What’s more, the production training of the staff, the gap between the novice and the proficient, the result is still very obvious at the end of the day.
Precision metal stamping factory production corner
After the machine personnel have no problem, it is the mold of stamping parts processing. The rationalization of the design, the precision of the processing, the rationalization of the mold installation and adjustment. After the mold is ensured to be correct, the detection of raw materials is also a key point. Most of the coiling materials commonly used in stamping plants ensure that the dimension of the strip is within the tolerance, which is convenient for the feeding and feeding of the die. Machines, personnel, molds, materials are reasonable and smooth, so according to the press speed to plan production capacity, basically is not much difference.
Stamping parts processing generally requires high accuracy, which is divided into suppliers according to this requirement, but not all stamping parts hardware factories can meet this standard
Some stamping parts processing plants are the materials used to produce common materials on the market, which are called national standard parts. There are also some non-standard parts that need to be opened according to the customer’s drawings. This requires a good design team and a good stamping die to ensure the stability of stamping parts processing.