Problems in the use of metal crusher inspection

During the operation of the metal crusher, the coordination of each part must be close and reliable, the transmission must be correct and stable, and especially it should have good lubrication. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the metal crusher should focus on lubrication, tightening and adjustment.

A. Lubrication of metal crusher The metal crusher can only guarantee the long-term normal operation of the bearings and transmission gears under good lubrication conditions. The large gears with dead cylinders are well lubricated and maintained, and their lifespan can generally reach more than 15 years. However, if the maintenance is improper, it will be scrapped after only 1-2 years. Especially the semi-open transmission gears are more serious. Similarly, under normal lubrication and maintenance, the life of the main bearing bush can reach more than 10 years.

On the contrary, sometimes it needs to be replaced after 2-3 years. Major accidents of main bearing bush burning are often caused by poor lubrication. Therefore, the influence of reasonable lubrication on the friction parts of the metal crusher is extremely important. The lubrication of the friction surfaces of the metal crusher generally takes two forms, namely dry oil lubrication and thin oil lubrication. The large and small transmission gears, transmission bearings, reducers and main bearings of large and medium metal crushers are lubricated by thin oil circulation, and some large and small transmission gears and transmission shaft bearings of metal crushers are also lubricated by dry oil.

Practice has proved that the large and small transmission gears and sliding bearings are lubricated with thin oil while the rolling bearings are lubricated with oil. Thin oil lubrication is best with pressure circulating oil lubrication, which is extremely beneficial to the stable operation of the metal crusher and prolongs the service life of the parts. The transmission gears of small metal crushers are mostly oil lubricated, but thin oil lubrication is still better.

The lubrication system of the metal crusher is composed of oil pump, filter cooler, oil pressure regulating valve, oil tank, oil pipe and indicating instrument device. Lubricating oil is generally 30-50 mechanical oil. Lubricating oil is generally filtered or replaced every six months. For lubrication systems without filters, it should be filtered every quarter. When the large gear or main bearing of the cylinder is found to have thrown out the slurry, it should be inspected and cleaned immediately. Otherwise, it will cause rapid wear of the gear or bearing bush, and the inspection must be strengthened. In normal operation, the grease on the big gear is generally cleaned and replaced every 2-4 months.