Problems in metal stamping

1. Mold problems
The die used in stamping process is usually special. Sometimes a complex part needs several sets of dies to process and form. The die manufacturing has high precision and high technical requirements, which is a technology intensive product. Therefore, only in the case of a large number of stamping parts, the advantages of stamping can be fully reflected, so as to obtain better economic benefits.

2. Security issues
There are also some problems and shortcomings in stamping process. It is mainly manifested in two kinds of public hazards, noise and vibration, and the safety accidents of operators occur from time to time. However, these problems are not entirely due to the stamping process and die itself, but mainly due to the traditional stamping equipment and backward manual operation. With the progress of science and technology, especially the development of computer technology, with the progress of mechatronics technology, these problems will be solved as soon as possible.

3. High strength steel stamping
Nowadays, high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel have realized the lightweight of vehicles and improved the collision strength and safety performance of vehicles, so they have become an important development direction of vehicle steel. However, with the improvement of sheet metal strength, the traditional cold stamping process is prone to crack in the forming process, which can not meet the processing requirements of high strength steel plate. In the case that the forming conditions can not be met, the hot stamping forming technology of ultra-high strength steel sheet is gradually studied in the world. This technology is a new technology which integrates forming, heat transfer and phase transformation.


It is mainly based on the characteristics of sheet metal plasticity increasing and yield strength decreasing under high temperature austenite state. However, hot forming needs deep research on process conditions, metal phase transformation and CAE analysis technology. At present, this technology is monopolized by foreign manufacturers and its development is slow in China.