Price analysis of wire spring

Wire spring machine is a necessary production tool in the spring industry, so people in the spring industry are very concerned! As a spring machine sales nearly 7 years, for the understanding of spring machine price, make a small explanation for the people in need
First of all, fractional control spring machine, CNC universal machine and mechanical spring machine
The smallest CNC spring presses are generally 8-type machines, domestic ones are about 60000-80000, Taiwan brands are about 120000-160000, 2mm spring presses are about 100000 yuan, Taiwan machines are about 150000.3mm spring presses are about 120000-150000, Taiwan machines are more than 200000 yuan. 5mm spring presses are about 250000-350000 yuan, Taiwan machines are about 400000, 8mm spring presses, The price is about 550000-750000. The price of 20 mm spring press is more than 1.5 million
The price of CNC universal machine and 2mm machine is about 110000-150000 for domestic cam spring machine, about 190000-210000 for non cam non rotating line, about 350000-390000 for Taiwan machine, about 170000-200000 for Taiwan machine. For 4mm computer spring machine, the price of domestic cam spring machine is about 180000-220000, and that of Taiwan machine is 550000-650000
Mechanical spring machine, cheap, troublesome operation, production accuracy is not enough, has been gradually diluted by the market, here no longer mentioned
This is just some of my understanding of the market under the current situation. Perhaps, the prices vary in different periods of time, different models and manufacturers, which are not completely accurate. Please refer to the actual transaction price for reference only