New spring testing machine

Spring testing machine is a special instrument for testing springs. In recent years, the speed of development is very rapid, and there are many new spring models. Here is a brief introduction about the characteristics and maintenance knowledge of the new spring testing machine.

The new spring testing machine has the following characteristics:
1. The load deformation characteristic curve is nonlinear.
2. The disc spring is in sheet shape and easy to form a combination. It can be assembled and replaced by building blocks, so it is convenient for maintenance.
3. The disc spring with radial groove has zero stiffness. This characteristic can be used in some deformation range where the spring force is basically stable.
4. The vibration absorption performance of the disc spring is not lower than that of the cylindrical spiral spring. When the laminated combination is adopted, the disc spring has greater damping and dissipates the impact energy due to the friction between the disc springs.
Spring testing machine and other types of testing machine need regular maintenance, so how to maintain it, this is a lot of testing machine operators are concerned about. I would like to share this problem with you, hoping to bring help to the operators.

1. During maintenance, please do not wipe with water, alcohol or acetone, which will damage the spring tester and the electronic components.
2. Make sure that the fuselage is clean and not placed in a place with high humidity, so that the accuracy will not be damaged.
3. The coating part of the machine is often cleaned with a clean cloth.
4. The electroplated part is wiped with a little oil.
5. Add a little oil to each moving part.
6. Do not get dust and water on the key part of the panel.