my country’s spring industry presents three major development trends

Some experts in the spring industry in my country believe that with the development of the main engine, the spring product market in my country will also grow simultaneously. It is estimated that the sales of the whole industry will exceed 4 billion yuan by 2010, and the proportion of the automobile and motorcycle industries in the spring market will be More than 50%. At the same time, in order to adapt to market changes, the spring industry will show new development trends in the next few years:
-A new combination appears. In the next few years, my country’s spring industry will still be dominated by small companies, but some advantageous companies start from the market and business strategy, use the capital, technology and talent advantages in their hands to merge and acquire some companies to obtain the necessary production factors and market resources , Most of the state-owned and collective enterprises in the spring industry will be transformed into joint-stock or private enterprises.

——Price competition turns to technology and quality competition. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the profit margin of the spring industry has become smaller and smaller. In addition, the main engine manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of accessories. Enterprises can no longer rely on simple price reductions to win the market. Technology and quality have become the key to competition. From July 1, 2006, my country’s auto parts tariffs will be reduced to 10%, and the final prices of suspension springs, valve springs, stabilizers and other products for the automotive industry will gradually be in line with international prices, and for mini-cars , The products of the van have undergone fierce market competition. The current price has a certain degree of competitiveness compared with the international market, but the quality level cannot compete with similar products. The prices of other products, especially those for motorcycles and some small springs, are already lower than the international market prices. Therefore, similar foreign products pose no threat to us in terms of price, and competition is mainly manifested in quality.

——Products are developing towards lightweight and high reliability. Roughly estimated, in 2010, the annual demand for suspension springs in China’s automobile industry was about 8 million pieces, and the annual demand for valve springs was about 30 million pieces (excluding motorcycles and diesel engines). The technical development trend of these two springs is generally lightweight (high stress) and high reliability. For the currently available special-shaped cross-section suspension springs and valve springs, due to high material prices and complex manufacturing processes, the production cost is higher than that of round-section springs. Therefore, there is no sign that the special-shaped section springs will completely replace the round-section springs.