Metal 3D realizes the first autonomous driving chassis printing

Metal 3D realizes the first autonomous driving chassis printing
At 8:30 in the morning on June 13, the “Entering Our Well-off Life” theme report event organized by the Central Propaganda Department officially opened, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Central Radio and Television, Guizhou Radio and Television Traffic Broadcasting, etc. More than 50 media reporters from inside and outside the province, the first stop came to Guizhou Hancase Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Guizhou Science City, High-tech Zone.
The reporter learned that, as the world’s leading driverless startup company, PIX MOVING focuses on metal 3D printed L4 autonomous vehicles, providing one-stop software and hardware solutions for logistics, retail, real estate, tourism and other industries. Customized self-driving sightseeing vehicles, sweeping vehicles, logistics vehicles, retail vehicles, etc. have been used in parks, scenic spots, small towns, shopping malls and other fields.
“The feature of our metal 3D printing is that it can be formed in one piece. There is only one part for the entire site, so it can reduce a lot of weight, cost, and time. Because the cabin and the chassis can be designed separately, it can realize the different needs of customers. Customized and applied to various scenes in life, such as coffee carts, mobile book bars, mobile gyms, etc.” Guizhou Hancase Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. employee Jinfeng Xulai told reporters.
According to reports, in May 2019, Hancase officially completed the printing and released the world’s first metal 3D printed self-driving chassis at the 2019 Digital Expo. In June of the same year, it was exhibited at the Michelin Summit in Montreal.
Affected by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic and restrictions on entry and exit, some of the company’s orders this year have been affected to a certain extent, but it is also because of the epidemic that everyone sees the market demand for unmanned, contactless logistics and distribution. For Smart Technology Co., Ltd., it is both an opportunity and a challenge.
“Although this year has been affected by the epidemic to a certain extent, we have received nearly 20 orders at home and abroad.” Jinfeng Xulai told reporters.
My hometown is from Zunyi. Zhang Xingjing, a 25-year-old employee, is currently an algorithm engineer in the company. Looking at the development and changes in Guizhou in recent years, Zhang Xingjing said: “I used to go to a university in Guangzhou. Now I return to my hometown to find employment. Development boost.
In recent years, Guizhou has also been vigorously developing big data, holding a number of events such as data fairs, and providing a lot of external platforms, so that many enterprises from other provinces can learn about our Guizhou products. “