Material and characteristics of butterfly spring

Silicon manganese, chrome alum and chromium manganese alloy steel are widely used in the manufacture of disc spring. Special materials used in high temperature, low temperature and corrosive environment, such as diamagnetic, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant materials.

Compared with other spring shapes, the disc spring has:
1. It has high stiffness, strong shock absorption capacity, and can bear large load with small deformation, which is suitable for the occasions with small axial space requirements.2. It has variable stiffness, and the spring has a wide range of nonlinear characteristics.
3. With the same disc spring and different combination methods, the spring characteristics can be changed in a wide range. It can be combined by means of lamination and lamination, and can also be combined with different thickness and different number of pieces. The more the number of springs, the greater the load. Compared with cylindrical coil spring, disc spring has the following characteristics:

1、 The load deformation characteristic curve is nonlinear.
2、 The disc spring is in sheet shape and easy to form a combination. It can be assembled and replaced by building blocks, so it is convenient for maintenance.
3、 The disc spring with radial groove has zero stiffness characteristic. This characteristic can be used in some deformation range where the spring force is basically stable.
4、 The vibration absorption performance of the disc spring is not lower than that of the cylindrical spiral spring. When the laminated combination is adopted, the disc spring has greater damping and dissipates the impact energy due to the friction between the disc springs. In the mechanical industry, the cylindrical spiral spring is replaced in a large range, which reflects the characteristics of miniaturization and multi-function of the new product (host). Such as: mold, support hanger, clutch, brake, bridge buffer (damping) device, bearing preloading, safety overload device, heavy machinery, mechanical starter, control device, valve, industrial furnace, indexing device, clamping device, etc.