Main problems and solutions in the production of alloy spring steel

1) Optimizing the smelting process and denaturing harmful inclusions such as Al2O3 can greatly reduce the content of harmful inclusions. Surface hardening, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding and shot peening can be used to improve the surface strength of parts.

2) To avoid surface decarburization, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce the carbon chemical potential gradient between the two, and it is very effective to adopt protective atmosphere heating and shorten the heating time.

3) Expand the use range of alloy elements, especially the use of trace alloy elements and rare earth treatments, and make full use of the composite alloying effect of alloy elements, which can improve the overall performance and service life of alloy spring steel.

4) The development of new processes and new steel grades can improve the hardenability of spring steel, reduce the tendency of decarburization, and improve the overall performance of spring steel.